Confidence is Beauty

Fact: Confidence is beauty
Myth: I was always confident

I am a firm believer that confidence and beauty beat to the same drum. You cannot have confidence and not be beautiful. You cannot be the full extent of your beauty if you are not confident. You may ask: How does one become confident? Let me tell you.

First, allow me to introduce myself. I was a small island girl. Growing up, I found beauty everywhere. I still find that beauty everywhere. The beachs of my home, the smell of my grandma’s kitchen, my sisters’ laughs, the barn that hid my kittens, the gate enclosing my sheep, the cattle guards leading the way to endless fields…that’s the beauty of my youth.

Despite the beauty I knew was surrounding me, I felt a cap on the amount of beauty I could feel about myself. I cannot tell you the struggle of my youth! Girls were mean. They were so mean. Everyone kept saying in their harmonious tunes that the other girls “were just jealous of your beauty, honey.” I never fully comprehended that. I never knew that the beauty I saw around me could possibly come from within me, and that that beauty would make others treat me with such vengeance. I don’t know if those girls grew up, but I did and this is what I learned.

I want us all to win. I want us all to be beautiful. I want our beautiful diversity to make each other more confident. I want no vengeance or jealousy in beauty. I want thin, big, old, and young to feel the beauty that is already within them. I want to remember that beauty is not just in the beaches of my home, but also within me. I want people to use the best aesthetic injectors and product to get the best results that feel good to them. I want beauties everywhere to feel beautiful, even if that means a few pins and pokes here or there. No mean girl should dictate your beauty, and hence your confidence.

This is why I started the journey in aesthetic. My passion is the leading force of my mission in the beauty industry. I love creating confidence in people, and being able to do so with an aesthetic practice is beyond my wildest dreams. I love seeing how good product can cultivate healthy and true changes in people. I love it.

I love it all.

I think confidence is a true form of beauty...